FAQs Some frequently asked questions.

Q. Can I just pop in and look at your collections?
A. No, viewing is by appointment only, please contact us to book an appointment to view the collections.

Q. Where are most of your mills based?
A. Most of our mills are based in Italy. We also represent mills from Switzerland, Austria and India

Q. How do I place and order?
A. Please provide a P.O. or Purchase order if you wish to order fabrics.

Q. Do you carry Stock?
A. No, we do not carry stock. But we can enquire with the mills if they have any stock available. As a rule of thumb, if there is stock available it will usually be in the sample colour we have in our office.

Q. What are your minimums if no stock is available?
A. Our mills have a minimum requirement of 1piece. That is approximately 40m per colour if they have to produce and article.

Q. How long does it take to receive a stock order?
A. As soon as the mill received payment in their account they will ship your goods. Approximately 2 weeks from the date of order.

Q. Payment
A. Most of our customers are payment in advance by bank transfer direct to the mill. Therefore you will be asked to pay for your goods before you receive them. Some of our mills work with credit insurance companies, in this case 30 or 60 day terms can be agreed to regular customers. We do not accept cash or credit card payments.

Q. How long does it take to have a fabric produced?
A. It takes approximately 4 – 6 weeks to have a fabric produced.

Q. August Holidays
A. As most of the companies we work with are European, they close down for the whole month of August. Please bare this in mind then scheduling your orders.

Q. Deadlines for Spring/Summer.
A. Due to the mills closing for August and London Fashion Week being in September, it would be better to receive your fabrics before the mills close for August. Therefore if you are having fabrics produced we recommend you place your order at the end of May, latest beginning of June. More and more designers are leaving it later and later to order their fabrics. This causes the mills to be overloaded with orders, which in turn can cause lead-times to be pushed back. The result a lot of worry and stress you could do without.

Q. Deadlines for Autumn/Winter.
A. This is similar to the above. The Christmas break causes problems, therefore if you are having fabric produced and wish to avoid unnecessary stress, stomach ulcers and premature baldness, we suggest you place your at the beginning of November at the latest.

Q. Can you do special jacquard/print designs?
A. Yes we can discuss your requirements with our mills and have your unique design realized. Depending on the amount of fabric ordered, set up costs will apply.

Q. Do you attend Premiere Vision?
A. Yes we attend Premiere Vision twice a year (Feb & Sept). You will find us on the stands of the mills we represent. Please get in contact to book an appointment to view the new collections at Premiere Vision.

Q. Do you help students?
A. We do try and help students at the end of the season when things are a little quieter. We cannot guarantee that the mills will always be able to help, it really depends on how their season has been, but we believe there is no harm in asking.



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