Jakob Schlaepfer

“Despite having been established over 110 years ago, Jakob Schlaepfer is just as creative as it has ever been: the company manages the most singular feat of producing unique luxury fabrics in St. Gallen that have not found their equal. Over the years the determination to create only the very best has taken Jakob Schlaepfer to its indisputable place at the top of the world of fashion and textiles.

Jakob Schlaepfer produces over 2500 designs per year for the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter Collections for the leading fashion houses around the globe. In 2008, Jakob Schlaepfer opened a new chapter by introducing a textile collection for interior decoration.

With an unwavering feel for the zeitgeist, Jakob Schlaepfer’s design team spearheaded by Art Director Martin Leuthold, creates cutting edge fabrics that inspire fashion designers, architects and interior designers among an exclusive clientele.

Fresh impetus is not only given by new colours and designs but is also triggered by continuous technical progress. Jakob Schlaepfer is an “industrial manual manufacturer”, thus marrying traditional embroidery techniques with high tech innovation and resulting in an ever-increasing pool of ideas which Jakob Schlaepfer draws on in order to keep up the momentum in textile design.

Acclaimed and international award winning, Jakob Schlaepfer’s design team continuously collaborates on a variety of prestigious projects. In 2011 the design team curated the outstanding exhibition ‘St. Gall’ at the Textile Museum St. Gallen.”